Thys Ockersen Films


THYS OCKERSEN FILMS specializes in documentaries, either free subjects or commissioned ones. In the past THYS OCKERSEN FILMS made “The electronic newspaper” about the modernisation of newspapers with computers. “Life with the artificial kidney” about a young girl on dialysis and the famous Dutch professor William Kolff who lives in Salt Lake City (USA), who invented right after WO2 the dialysis machine and later worked on the portable dialysis machine.

In 2009 Thys Ockersen and cameraman Robert van Alphen made the doc. "Zandvoort, sun and sea" about the seaside resort Zandvoort where Thys lives. It shows the life of the population between 2008-2009 with some references to the past when Zandvoort was still a small fishing village.

In 2011 Thys travelled to Cincinnatti to do camerawork for the documentary "Civic Society" produced by former Hollywood starlet Harriet Matthey.

At the moment THYS OCKERSEN FILMS  produces a feature doc. about the reconstruction of an old Dutch mill “The young sheep” that was demolished in 1942  and is now going to be rebuilt based on the original drawings that were preserved. This is a two year project directed by Thys Ockersen and  photographed by Robert van Alphen in which you can actually see how a woodcutting mill is constructed in details from start to finish.

Two other pictures made for the Arnhem Museum were “Look what you like in the Arnhem Museum” and “Robot One” commissioned by the than director of the Museum Pierre Janssen. The first doc. was about what you can find in the little museum and the  second one about toy robots. There was a show of 4 collections of toy robots and the doc. shows how they move and make noise.